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Non-destrutive Material Analysis

Handheld XRF instruments really do take the laboratory to the point where the metal testing and analysis is required. Thermo Scientific Niton XRF analysers provide completely non destructive testing and analysis of metals and metal alloys, producing laboratory quality results without the need for sampling, acids or vacuums – simply point and shoot!

Niton XRF analysers give you reliable results in seconds, helping to increase productivity and efficiency in a wide variety of different uses. They are simple, safe and easy to use, providing accurate results in a matter of seconds, with the ability to transmit the data direct to your PC or other Bluetooth enabled device.

Positive Material Identification

XRF analysers are ideal for quality control, failure analysis and verification of metal alloy grade and composition.


Metal Recycling

State-of-the-art Niton XRF analysers quickly and accurately identify the composition of metal alloys, allowing you to reduce sorting times and produce valuations with ease.


Environmental Analysis

XRF analysis can provide real-time, in-situ, laboratory quality readings for the composition of soil and waste samples.

  & Mining

Metals Exploration

XRF technology offers accurate and immediate assaying for prospecting and exploration or grade control.

  & RoHS

WEEE Compliance

Fast and non-destructive testing of solders, coatings and components can ensure compliance with RoHS directives.

Lead Paint Testing

XRF analysers facilitate direct surface testing for lead in paint, testing for lead contamination in dust using wipes, and testing for lead particles in air filtration systems.


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